BKM Presents: The Building Process of a Brand NEW ARCA Race Car for Competition in 2015!

Brian Keselowski and his father, Bob Keselowski have taken on the task of building a brand new race car for Brian to drive during the 2015 season. This is the very first “brand new” race car that Brian Keselowski has ever owned in his entire career and is treating its building process with tender loving care. He likes this car so much and named it “Junior”. What does that tell you??

Brian Keselowski is hoping to race all of the short tracks that are on the 2015 ARCA Racing Series schedule this year, starting at Fairgrounds Speedway in Nashville TN on April, 11th. His team is seeking the necessary sponsorship to be able to compete at that track and the race car will continue to be built whether they secure those funds or not.

Keselowski has taken pictures from the very beginning of the building process, which started with the chassis. He continues to with the chassis. He continues to take pictures of the “newborn” Ford’s progression as it goes through the assembly process.

These are the pictures that have been taken so far!

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