Brian Keselowski’s Cruise with Lynn Hoosier~aka~ the Panther Van Man

Brian Keselowski and girlfriend, Jen Calandrillo joined Lynn Hoosier, better known to many Carolina Panther football fans as “Panther Van Man” on Saturday, January 3, 2015 for a full day of cruising around in his highly recognizable conversion van to tailgate with as many Carolina Panther’s football fans as possible. It was an excellent opportunity for Keselowski to experience first hand how football fans relate/differ from NASCAR fans & to introduce themselves to new potential Kesleowski fans for cross promotion between the two sports.

Lynn Hoosier has a unique story of how he became known as the Panther Van Man. He stated that it was towards the end of the first 1995 season that the idea of the Panther Van Man was born. He found a 1995 Dodge Ram black van and incorporated the color scheme of the Carolina Panthers across the entire vehicle. Over the years it has taken on new graphics and decals, along with many signatures of the actual Carolina Panthers football players over a span of 13 years. It is equipped with a great sound system  and  the music is arranged for each game day to play as he tours the most popular tailgating areas downtown Charlotte, NC. He made many stops along the route where he danced with fans, took pictures, has a bite to eat and visit exuberant tailgating set ups. As he cruised around with music cranked and horn blaring, fans from all around cheered as he drove by. Keselowski waved and gave the thumbs up to many football enthusiasts as they toured the city!

“It was a great experience and opportunity to meet some new fans who I hope to see in the grandstands cheering me on later this year” stated Keselowski. “When we mingle with fans whether it’s race fans, football fans or whatever the case may be, we’re hoping it gives them a sense of who we are as a team, that we’re personable with them and I’m hoping that ultimately they will root for my car when it’s go time”.

Fore more information on Lynn Hoosier ~aka~ the Panther Van Man, visit his website at

More pictures from the event will be posted in the photo gallery.






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