Brian Keselowski Takes 2nd Place at Motor Mile Speedway’s “Food Country USA 200″, CARS X-1R Pro Cup Series – August 16, 2014

Race day finally arrived at Motor Mile Speedway after being delayed for a week due to inclement weather. Brian Keselowski and crew unloaded their No.29 car and quickly get to work. After just one run in the first practice session, Keselowski knew he was dealing with an uncooperative race car that was tight in the center and loose off all day in both practice sessions. The crew worked diligently on the issues and Keselowski went on to qualify in the 5th position for the start of the “Food Country USA 200″. Keselowski welcomed back loyal sponsors “Highland Wealth Advisors”, LLC”, “Dollhouse Ally”, “Virginia Software Group, LLC”, “Lillard’s Rug & Carpet Cleaners” and local newcomer to the team “Hannifan’s BBQ & Grill” of Radford VA. The owners; Andrea and Michael Hannifan were at the track with members of their staff to meet Keselowski and to see their investment earn it’s worth! They later reported that they were very happy with the end result!


The Pro Cup cars took the green flag at approximately 9:00pm. Brian quickly moved up one spot to p4 and kept that position until lap 18 when he was passed by the No.25 car due to his car getting “too tight”.  He stayed within mid pack range and when the caution came out on lap 68 for debris, Keselowski was in p8 with a very hot RR tire.  Crew chief, Bob Keselowski came over the radio shortly after that restart and said “Your brakes are glowing pretty good too”. “Take care of that car until the half way break coming up in less than 30 laps”.

On lap 81 the No.05 car in the 5th position and No.2 car in the 6th position brought out the caution. Brian was in 8th position and directly behind the No.2 car. The No.05 car’s throttle got stuck going into turn 1 and sent him straight up towards the wall, taking the 2 car out of contention along with himself. Keselowski managed not to get caught in that wreck and took over the 6th position.  It wasn’t long before the next opportunity to advance in position presented itself to Keselowski when the No.23 car got spun by the No.88 car on lap 92. It took 6 laps before going back to green on lap 98 just 3 laps shy of the half way break.

Keselowski’s crew spent their 5 minute pit stop wisely, taking 4 new American Racer tires, filled the car with VP Fuel, made an air adjustment and other necessary changes spoken about between driver and crew chief prior to the break. Pro Cup reset the field for the second half of the race and drew Keselowski to restart in p3. Within one lap of the second half, Keselowski took p2 and he kept that position for 27 laps until his car started to get too tight again. During the next 45 laps he slowly slipped back to the 6th position. On lap 174, car No.154 suffered a flat RF tire which worked in Keselowski’s favor putting him up a spot into the 5th position.

The field took the green flag on lap 181 but only 3 laps later on lap 184, the yellow flag waved again. This time, it was because the No.75 car and No.25 car got into each other going into turn 1. This incident wound up causing the race to be red flagged due to an altercation that broke out on pit road between the pit crews of these two teams, resulting in one man being removed via ambulance from the track for further observation. The race was halted for about 45 minutes while order was restored. This also worked out in Keselowski’s favor because his tires were getting very hot and he was glad the tires had a chance to cool down before going green again on lap 192. This incident also moved Keselowski into the 3rd position for this restart. Two laps later Brian moved into the 2nd position when the No.66 car had engine failure. He made it off the track safely and the caution was not called.

Keselowski’s crew on pit road were jumping with excitement and cheering him on when the yellow flag came out once again on lap 196. The No.00 car spun out heading into turn 2 which caused the race to end under a green white checkered flag. Brian Keselowski was lined up on the outside of the front row next to JP Morgan in the No.23 car. Keselowski had a really good restart on lap 198 and took p1 by half a car but he couldn’t clear Morgan for the lead. Keselowski kept Morgan pinned down coming to the white flag but going into turn 1 Keselowski’s No.29 just wouldn’t turn enough. Keselowski got a run back to the outside going into turn 3 but couldn’t get to Morgan by the time they crossed the finish line. JP Morgan claimed his 3rd victory of the year and Keselowski scored his highest finish yet in p2. This was Keselowski’s 4th race of the year with the CARS X-1R Pro Cup Series.

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You will see your company’s name and logo on our race car and take advantage of many race day activities including:
Driver Introductions on the track
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Meet and Greet with Brian Keselowski
You can view the race atop the Pit Box or from Pit Road
Become an honorary pit crew member

And much more!

Brian Keselowski Motorsports will remain fully committed to helping you receive brand recognition on and off the track
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We are working towards the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season, starting with the Daytona 500! A partnership with us will do all the things mentioned above and so much more! Isn’t it about time you live the life you’ve always dreamed about? We think so!

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CARS X-1R Pro Cup Series “Food Country USA 200″ race at Motor Mile Speedway has been Postponed!

“Due to the pending forecast this weekend at Motor Mile Speedway, we have made the decision to postpone the running of Saturday night’s “X-1R Pro Cup Series Food Country USA 200 presented by KOMA Unwind and BT’s of Radford”, as well as the $1,000 to win and $50 to start INEX Legends race, as well as the Allison Legacy Series race to Saturday, August 16th. The complete schedule will stay the same and fans will still be able to take advantage of the $20 per car load “Fan Appreciation Night” on August 16th”.

For more information on the CARS X-1R Pro Cup Series, visit their website at

For more information about Motor Mile Speedway, visit their website at



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Race Re-Cap – Orange County Speedway, “Summertime Showdown 200″, CARS X-1 Pro Cup Series – July 28, 2014

Brian Keselowski and team arrived at Orange County Speedway at 10:00am Saturday morning, ready to go. Once inside and unloaded, the crew started working on the No.29 Ford Fusion. This was Brian’s first time to OCS and really did not know what to expect aside from what he heard from other drivers who previously drove there.  After his very first practice run, he agreed the track was very rough as he had been warned. Between practice runs, some of his feedback was; “I need more bite off” and “the track is rough, car needs wedge“. The crew, led by Bob Keselowski, worked feverishly on the car making adjustments and trying different adjustments to give Brian the feel he was looking for. By the end of final practice Brian stated “The car is definitely better than when we started today, we’re going in the right direction“.

Brian’s No.29, “Darrell E. Jent Jr. LLC & Family”/ “Lillard’s Rug & Carpet Cleaners” Ford Fusion passed the CARS X-1 Pro Cup Series inspection process with no issues before qualifying and Brian went on to qualify in p8. The entire field of 12 race cars were only off by three tenths of a second. All the indications of a good race for drivers and fans who showed up in droves! The grandstands at OCS were packed tightly by 7:00pm when the Allison Legacy races began.

At approximately 9:00pm, the Cars X-1 Pro Cup Series took the green flag. Brian started in p8 and by lap 15 he moved up to p6. Caution was called on lap 29 and Brian’s only complaint was that the car was a little “free up off“. He restarted in p5 on lap 36.  Reid Wilson in the No.66 raced Brian hard, yet respectfully for position. On lap 42 Reid went on to claim p5 putting Brian in p6. Caution came out on lap 79 for a spin out (not involving Brian). He restarted p6 on lap 84. only 2 laps later, the caution flag waved once again, this time for debris on the track. The field went green again on lap 91 where Brian restarted p6. He was tagged in the rear by the No.2 car driven by Brady Boswell in turn 2 which caused Brian to go sideways. Fortunately he was able to save it and keep going unscathed but this dropped Brian back to p8 where he stayed until the yellow flag waved, indicating the half way break.

Brian pulled into his pit stall and the crew quickly went to work. They jacked up the car, changed 4 tires and filled the tank with VP fuel. Brian complained about having terrible drive off and being late loose during the first half of the race, so crew chief and driver agreed to make a big change on the car and they executed their plan perfectly during the mandatory 5 minute break. 

After the long pit stop, the CARS X-1 Pro Cup Series chooses the restart order for the second half of the race by having a random drawing of the cars that were in P1 to P8 just before the break. Fortunately, they chose No.29 for p1!

Brian’s P1 restart on lap 101 was perfect. He said all the adjustments made during the pit stop were working really well which resulted in him pulling away from the pack, leaving at least 5 car lengths between him and the second place car.  Everyone was happy and hopeful for a good finish. Brian was still in p1 when the caution came out on lap 117. As the green flag was waved on lap 124, Brian knew “something” happened to the car but could not pin point what it was. He just knew the car immediately stopped handling well and became real tight in the center and very loose off causing him to loose the lead on lap 128. He dropped down to p4 by lap 130 and down to p5 by lap 134. Brian had to fight the car and do everything possible not to loose control or wreck as he dropped further down to p8 by lap 154. Officials black flagged Brian on lap 168 of 200 and ordered him to pull off the track for leaking fluids. As soon as he pulled into his pit stall, the crew surrounded the car searching for the speculated leak. It was only when they opened the hood, did they find the culprit responsible for ended their night, just 31 laps shy of the checkered flag. Sadly, the radiator fan broke and blew a hole through the oil cooler, spewing oil everywhere. As Brian shared his disappointment he said,  “This isn’t how we wanted to finish by any means, but you can’t drive a race car in your own oil. We’ll get it fixed and hopefully be back for the next one“.

Brian Keselowski finished 10th in the “Summertime Showdown 200″ at OCS.

Brian sincerely thanks all his sponsors who were at the race and on the car to show their support and hopes they continue to remain on board for the rest of the season.

If anyone has a question/comment for Brian Keselowski, please direct them to him at If Brian chooses your question/comment, it will be answered in a future “Blog” post on

If anyone is interested in partnership opportunities at Brian Keselowski Motorsports, please direct all inquiries to Jennifer Calandrillo at


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Brian Keselowski Motorsports – Projections for the 2014 Season

Everyone at Brian Keselowski Motorsports has been working diligently to secure primary sponsorship to race full time in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series during the 2014 season. Big changes have taken place since the end of 2013.  Brian Keselowski has switched manufacturers from Toyota to Ford utilizing Roush Yates motors for optimum performance. He has also changed car numbers from 52 last year and went back to car number 92 which he used in 2011 when he debuted in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series’, Daytona 500. Since Brian refuses to be a “start and park” team, he has held off on attempting a race until he can obtain the proper amount of sponsorship to compete from green flag to checkered flag which he feels is a much better way to represent his current sponsors and attract new ones.

Brian Keselowski Motorsports hopes to be back on track with the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series before the 2014 season comes to an end.


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